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Bearing seat type sensor

Bearing seat type sensor

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  Weighing sensor manufacturersTo introduce you to the bearing seat sensor, it is characterized by low height, easy to install and use. The plate shape makes the stress state stable, the transverse interference is good, can obtain the high measurement precision.
In the mine lifting system, the main function of the sky wheel arranged on the Derrick is to guide the wire rope steering, the bearing seat supporting the sky axle is under great pressure, generally the pressure can reach several tons or even dozens of tons, at the same time, the dynamic fluctuation of its pressure is large, so the force of the sky Wheel is detected, and the safe operation is of great importance. At present, no devices have been found to detect the stress condition of the sky wheel. Invention content The purpose of the utility model is to solve the technical problem that the existing technology can not detect the stress of the sky wheel, and to provide a bearing seat pressure sensor to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology. For the above purposes, the bearing seat pressure sensor of the utility model comprises the lower tile holder of the alloy steel bearing, and the two sides of the bottom of the lower tile seat of the bearing are provided with a bridge circuit consisting of a resistance strain gauge, which is arranged by connecting the outlet at the bottom end of the bearing lower tile seat. [0005] The working principle of the utility model bearing seat pressure sensor when the wheel force on the same day, the fixed bolts on both sides of the lower tile seat respectively produce a reaction force, the formation of double shear stress, the resistance value of the bridge circuit also varies with the size of the pressure, so as to realize the dynamic detection of the force condition through the cable output of the The bearing seat pressure sensor of the utility model has the advantages of large bearing capacity, compact overall structure, waterproof and moisture-proof, sturdy and durable, low failure rate and small installation and maintenance.