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Spokes weighing Module

Spokes weighing Module

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Weighing module is a new type of sensor application structure. It not only ensures the characteristics of high precision and long-term stability of shear beam sensor, but also solves the problem of weighing error caused by improper installation, and the spokes weighing module developed and produced by ocean Sensor solves the problem of difficult installation, and the range is from 500kg-100T.
Ocean Sensor Spokes module, cantilever beam module, after a variety of field testing is a good solution to customer installation problems, the replacement of sensors convenient and fast, ocean sensors have been imitated has never been surpassed, relying on the core technology and excellent processing technology.

Weighing modules can be divided into the following two categories:
· FW static load weighing module: mainly suitable for static load weighing occasions with less lateral force. The static load weighing module can be easily mounted on containers of various shapes.
· CW dynamic load weighing module: mainly applicable to the horizontal force of mechanical devices such as assembly lines, conveyor belts, etc., in addition to the dynamic load weighing module can also be used for the transformation of mechanical platform scales.




Weighing Module Installation:
The ① weighing module combines the weighing sensor load transfer device with the mounting connecting plate, and its unique design not only ensures the high precision of the shear beam sensor, good long-term stability, but also solves almost all the errors caused by improper installation. It weighs accurately, is safe and reliable, and is installed in a variety of ways, suitable for a wide range of harsh environments.
The installation structure of the ② weighing module is divided into fixed, floating and semi-floating three structures, allowing the container to produce trace deformation.
③ static load Weighing module installation method:
Stainless steel material is used to effectively resist corrosive material erosion. Fixed, floating, semi-floating three kinds of structures, can be used in a variety of harsh conditions.
④ dynamic load Weighing module installation method:
In the installation mode of four dynamic load weighing module, the three-sided limit of two weighing modules is generally limited, and the other two weighing modules are only at the end limit.

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