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Three-dimensional force triaxial Force sensor

Three-dimensional force triaxial Force sensor

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  Multidimensional Force sensorRefers to a force sensor capable of measuring the force and torque components above two directions at the same time, in which the force and torque can be decomposed into three components in a Cartesian coordinate system.
Therefore, the most complete form of multidimensional force is the six-weili/torque sensor, that is, the sensor that can measure three force components and three torque components at the same time, and the multi-dimensional force sensor widely used at present is this kind of sensor.
Compared with the single axial Force sensor, the multi-dimensional force sensor is not only to solve the problem of monotonicity and consistency sensitive to the measured force component, but also to solve the problem of inter-dimensional (inter-axis) interference caused by structural processing and process error, the problem of dynamic and static calibration, and the decoupling algorithm and circuit realization in vector operation.


Ocean sensor has completely solved the scientific problems in the research of multidimensional force sensor, such as the structure design of elastomer, mechanical performance evaluation, vector decoupling algorithm, etc., is in the multi-dimensional force test equipment ocean sensor is also in the leading level, but also mastered the core manufacturing technology, with from macroscopic machinery to micro-machinery design and processing capacity. The product covers a full range of multidimensional sensors from two-dimensional to six-D, ranging from hundreds of acrylic to dozens of tons, and obtains a number of patented technologies in elastomer structure and vector decoupling circuits.
Multidimensional force sensors are widely used in robot finger and claw research, robotic surgical research, finger Force Research, dental research, force feedback, brake detection, precision assembly, cutting, recovery research, plastic surgery research, product testing, tactile feedback, teaching learning. The industry covers robotics, automotive manufacturing, automation assembly, biomechanics, aerospace, textile industry and other fields.