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Junction box

Junction box

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Weighing junction box, sensor junction box The positioning of this product in the market is very vague, because the function is relatively simple, there is no uniform standard, the ocean sensor to the sensor junction box this piece has made its own definition and standard.

First of all, the ocean sensor from the weighing junction box accuracy to improve the circuit, accuracy can reach 0.03%, in the junction box with signal fine-tuning, power supply fine-tuning two ways, so that the sensor's four-angle error is easier to operate, on-site use is more convenient.

Our main products are:
1, strain type weighing, pull pressure sensor, transmitter;
2, pressure sensor, transmitter, static pressure input type level meter;
3, weighing display instrument, weighing control instrument, batching instrument
4, Static torque sensor, dynamic torque sensor
5, a variety of batching control system

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