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Spokes weighing sensor

Spokes weighing sensor

Product Details

     Spokes weighing sensorIs the use of wheeled elastomer structure, the use of shear stress principle of the production of force sensors.

Mainly used in: testing machine, pressure machine, hydraulic press, hot and cold press, electronic hook scale hopper scale and other types of electronic weighing equipment and pull pressure testing equipment.


Ocean sensor production of spokes weighing sensor using cross-beam structure, anti-bias capacity, easy installation, ocean sensor This product has formed a series of products, is the main product of ocean sensors.

Product quality is excellent, cost-effective, has won the praise of customers and distributors alike.

Our main products are:
1, strain type weighing, pull pressure sensor, transmitter;
2, pressure sensor, transmitter, static pressure input type level meter;
3, weighing display instrument, weighing control instrument, batching instrument
4, Static torque sensor, dynamic torque sensor
5, a variety of batching control system
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