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Standard load weighing control instrument

Standard load weighing control instrument

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The 2025 standard load measuring instrument is the most widely used, most important and most critical instrument in the field of basic mechanical measurement. It is widely used in national benchmarks, sub-baseline mechanics standards laboratories, almost all provincial-level metrology standards laboratories, national defense military, The quality measurement and testing institutions of various industries such as aerospace and aerospace have become the habitual standard configuration of standard force measurement applications and related mechanical testing equipment, and full performance redundancy, meeting the current standard dynamometer verification procedures JJG144-2007   More rigorous technical standards and requirements for all grades of dynamometers.

       2025 weighing control instrument:

1. AC excitation technology is the core technology of the highest accuracy force measurement. It can eliminate the electrothermal couple effect generated by solder joints and patching points, and provide extremely stable measurement capability for a long time. It is the second application in the world so far. Commercialized force measurement instrument of the technology;

2. It has the basic measurement capability of providing 2 million display divisions for 2mV/V ratio voltage, and maintains long-term stability, minimum resolution 0.001μV eight V, 24-hour zero drift less than 2ppm/Fs;

3. Up to 10,000 times / sec real-time peak measurement capability, suitable for peak detection in dynamic and impact applications;

4. Bidirectional calibration, bidirectional measurement, bidirectional 6-segment linear correction, the maximum number of expansion channels reaches 248;

5. Peak measurement and hold function, zero setting operation can be performed simultaneously during peak clearing;

6. Both measurement data and calibration data can be printed out;

7. Data communication (RS232), three communication output formats, where format 2 is the same as the 2000 meter communication output;

8. Unit conversion, the load unit is N, kg, tb, the torque unit is Nm, lb.ft, lb.in;

9. Two types of calibration methods: load calibration and sensitivity data mV/V input calibration, and zero calibration function with zero m/∨ output data input, simplifying the process of zero calibration;

10. The calibration data can be read and modified at the same time as the printout, thus avoiding the inconvenience of re-entering all data due to individual data input errors.

11. Calibration data can be transferred and copied through the serial port between the 2025/2026 series instruments.

12. 6 shortcut functions provided during measurement status help users to easily measure and calibrate data printing, mVN digit setting, brightness adjustment, communication setting, etc.

13.2 external buttons, the function can be set by related parameters

14.2026 series has the ability to display 2 sets of measurement data at the same time, including force value and mV/V data, force value average and peak data, basic force value N data and unit converted data simultaneously display

The 15.2027 handheld series measuring instrument has dual power supply capability of 220V AC and 3 AA batteries.