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Hopper scale weighing display control instrument

Hopper scale weighing display control instrument

Product Details

        700WC hopper scale accumulating batching controller is an accumulating weighing weighing control instrument specially designed for concrete, stabilized soil and other batching system. It can complete up to 6 cumulative batching control. Each batch of ingredients can choose size feeding or single feeding, which is very suitable. The upper machine forms a complex batching control system.

The main function:

1. Up to 6 channels of accumulated ingredients can be realized.

2. Two feeding methods: two-speed feeding or single-speed feeding

3. Multiple boot modes: external boot and communication

4. There are many ways to know the discharge. 1 is automatic unloading, unloading for external control. When the external signal is valid

5. Setting of the amount of ingredients. The amount of ingredients and the amount of advance can be input through the keyboard or communication, or can be directly transferred from the formula library. The instrument saves 20 formulas.

6. With batch control function.

7. Real time clock display.

8. Optional analog output function.

9. You can query and print 100 batches of accumulated data, and you can print the report automatically or manually.

10. Automatic zero tracking, automatic clear and automatic.

11. Interface testing, data backup and recovery.

12.485 serial port, support modbus-RTU communication protocol, if the serial port is invalid when using the printer.