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High-speed acquisition weighing control instrument

High-speed acquisition weighing control instrument

Product Details

This weighing control instrument has comparison output, interface communication, display update rate, clear and tare, transmission output, polyline correction, display unit and decimal point position, zero tracking and clearing, measurement speed selection, digital input Function selection, sliding average filter coefficient, measurement correction judgment threshold, parameter backup and recovery, filtering, display update rate, instrument measurement speed and other functions to meet different needs of customers.

First, the installation notes

(1) Please use the instrument within the following environmental conditions:

Ambient temperature: -10 - 50 ° ° C, avoid direct sunlight

Ambient humidity: 10 - 90% RH, no condensation (absolute humidity: MAX.W.C29.3g dry air at 101.3kPa)

Set environmental conditions: indoor use, height <>

(2) Please avoid installing in the following places

a place where condensation may occur due to severe temperature changes

a place where corrosive gas or flammable gas is generated

A place where there is direct vibration or a possibility of impacting the product, and there are many places where dust, salt, and metal powder are present.

A place where the noise is large and the static electricity, magnetic field, and noise are likely to occur.

a place where airflow from air conditioning or heating is directly blown

a place where direct sunlight shines

a place where heat accumulation is possible due to heat radiation or the like

(3) When installing, please consider the following points

In order not to hinder heat dissipation, do not block the area around the product, do not block the vents, and leave sufficient ventilation space.

In consideration of wiring and maintenance, please make sure that there is more than 5omm above and below the meter.

Avoid installation on appliances that generate large amounts of heat (heaters, transformers, semiconductor operators, and high-power resistors).

When the ambient temperature is 50 °C or higher, use a forced fan or a cooler to cool it. However, do not let the cooled air blow directly into the instrument.

In order to improve noise resistance and safety, please try to install it away from high-voltage machines, power lines, and power machines.

Second, the installation method

■Installation to the disk surface

1. Open the mounting hole on the disk surface.

2. Insert the meter from the front of the panel.

3. Using the mounting bracket supplied with the instrument, secure the instrument to the mounting plate and tighten the mounting screws with the proper torque.

■Opening size

The dimensions indicated below are in mm (mm)



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