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Force weighing control instrument

Force weighing control instrument

Product Details

D54 meter is a multi-functional energy measuring and weighing control instrument developed by Haoyang Sensing System Co., Ltd. It is equipped with high-definition LCD screen display, fast and sensitive and fast capacitive button. It has very strong performance and can be customized by CAN. Protocol or RS485 ModBus protocol for multi-machine communication, can choose a variety of different degrees of acquisition speed, can be well used in industrial production. This instrument has four working modes, which are the normal comparison mode, peak capture mode, 芾 control button detection and fixed value control mode. The real-time curve, historical curve and working curve can be drawn according to the requirements, and the different requirements of customers can be completed. And can record peak capture record, manual servo control, automatic control, etc., with many types of functions, especially suitable for force control engineering.

With the development of technology , there is a growing demand for weighing instruments to be connected to the PLC system through [1]. Because MODBUS is an open protocol, the required interface is RS232/RS485 serial port or Ethernet, hardware for the device. The interface requirements are not high. Currently all PLC and HMI products have serial ports, and 95% of the products support MODBUS-RTU.

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With the rapid development of Ethernet technology , high-end PLC and HMI products now have Ethernet interfaces, and both support MODBUS-TCP protocol, but the products of the whole weighing industry support MODBUS are not many, only a few The product supports MODBUS-RTU and supports MODBUS-TCP less.