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Explosion-proof weighing control instrument

Explosion-proof weighing control instrument

Product Details

Product Name: City display explosion-proof instrument DY3190

Introduction: There are two kinds of power supply modes: battery/intrinsic power supply. The instrument has the characteristics of small size, light weight, complete functions and convenient use. The products have passed the inspection and approval of the national-level instrument and explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station and meet the national standards.

technical parameter:

1. Model: DY3190 (shark-ib) intrinsically safe weighing control instrument

2. Accuracy level: 3, n=3000

3. Sampling speed: 10-20 times / sec

4. Sensor sensitivity range: 1.5-3mv/V

5. Graduation value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional

6. Display: 6-digit LCD display

7. Sensor excitation power: +5V

8. Use temperature 0-40 ° C

9. Humidity: ≤85% RH

10. Storage and transportation temperature: -25 - 55 ° C

11. Power supply: standard external intrinsically safe output power supply

With the rapid development of Ethernet technology , high-end PLC and HMI products now have Ethernet interfaces, and both support MODBUS-TCP protocol, but the products of the whole weighing industry support MODBUS are not many, only a few The product supports MODBUS-RTU and supports MODBUS-TCP less.