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Intelligent weighing control instrument

Intelligent weighing control instrument

Product Details

XSB series single input channel digital intelligent instrument cooperates with various types of analog output sensors and transmitters to complete the measurement, display, transmission and control of temperature, pressure flow, liquid level, composition and physical quantities such as force and displacement.

1. The error is less than 0.2% FS, and has the function of calibration and digital filtering, which can help reduce the error of the sensor and transmitter, and effectively improve the measurement and control accuracy of the system.

2. This weighing control instrument is suitable for signal types such as voltage, current, thermal resistance, thermocouple, mV, potentiometer and remote pressure gauge.

3. Up to 8 alarm outputs can be selected, 10 alarm modes can be selected, and the alarm sensitivity is set independently. It has a delay alarm function to effectively prevent interference and other causes of false alarms. □Transmission output can output measured and converted display values in standard current and voltage form for use by other devices.

4. Fully transparent, high-speed, and efficient network communication interface to achieve complete data transmission and control between the computer and the instrument. The unique control transfer function allows the computer to directly control the alarm output and transmission output of the meter. Test software, configuration software and application software technical support are provided when reading the measurement data for less than 10ms.

5.BCD code interface

6. It has a print interface and a printing unit with a hardware clock to realize manual, timing, and alarm printing functions. If a smart printing unit is selected, multiple instruments can share one printer.

7. A variety of external dimensions and panel form, digital tube display, liquid crystal display, light column display can be flexibly selected

8. For non-linear signals, and the data cannot be determined when ordering, it needs to be corrected at the time of calibration, and the 8-segment line function of the instrument can be utilized.

9.254mm-3048mm (1"-12") large screen display