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Weighing Display control meter

Weighing Display control meter

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Weighing instruments are also calledWeighing control meteris to convert the weighing sensor signal (or then through the weight transmitter) to the weight digital display, and can store the weight data, statistics, printing electronic equipment, commonly used in industrial and agricultural production of automated ingredients, weighing, in order to improve production efficiency.
With the development and progress of science and technology, the demand for weighing instrumentation and PLC systems through [1] are more and more in need of connectivity. Because MODBUS is an open protocol, the required interface for RS232/RS485 serial port or Ethernet, the hardware interface requirements for the device is not high, at present all PLC and HMI products have serial port, and 95% of the products are supported by MODBUS-RTU.

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With the rapid development of Ethernet technology, now high-end PLC and HMI products are with Ethernet interface, and all support the MODBUS-TCP protocol, but the former entire weighing industry products support MODBUS Instrument is not many, only a few products support MODBUS-RTU, support MODBUS-TCP Less.