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Strain gauge static torque sensor

Strain gauge static torque sensor

Product Details

Name: Static Torque Sensor

Model: DYJN-102


1.40Cr alloy steel has strong mechanical fatigue resistance and good hardenability

2. Aviation plug, plug and play, convenient and fast.


1. Small size, light weight, no base, easy to install and use;

2. The built-in or external transmitter can directly output 4-20mA, 1-5V standard current and voltage signals, and directly form a torque measuring device with AD card, PLC or DCS;

3. Can measure the static torque;

4. High detection accuracy, good stability and strong anti-interference ability;

5. Continuous measurement of static torque without repeated zero adjustment;

6. Strong anti-interference ability, can be installed in any position, in any direction;

7. The strained elastomer has high strength and can withstand 150% load;

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Technical indicators:

Indicator name Performance
Measuring range: 0- ±20, ±50.±100.±200.±500.
Power supply and output: 0.5-2.0mv/v
Accuracy: ±0.1% F. S
Zero temperature drift: <0.2 %="" f·s="">
Insulation resistance: >500MΩ
Yearly stability: 0.3 % F· S / year
Ambient temperature: -20 to 60 ° C
Safety overload: 150%
Breaking load: 200%