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Dynamic Torque Sensor

Dynamic Torque Sensor

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  Torque sensor(Also known as torque sensor, torque sensor, torque sensor, torque meter) is divided into dynamic and static two categories.
The dynamic torque sensor can also be called torque sensor, torque speed sensor, non-contact torque sensor, rotary torque sensor and so on.
Torque sensors are the detection of torsional torque perception on a variety of rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. The torque sensor converts the physical variation of the torsion into an accurate electrical signal. Torque sensors can be used in the manufacture of viscometer, electric (pneumatic, hydraulic) torsion wrenches.
It has the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good reliability and long life.

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Torque sensor is a precision measuring instrument for measuring various torque, rotational speed and mechanical power. The wide range of applications is mainly used for:
1, motor, engine, internal combustion engine and other rotary power equipment output torque and power detection;
2, fan, water pump, gearbox, torque plate hand torque and power detection;
3, railway locomotives, automobiles, tractors, aircraft, ships, mining machinery in the torque and power detection;
4, can be used in sewage treatment system torque and power detection;
5, can be used in the manufacture of viscometer;
6, can be used in the process industry and process industry;
7, can be applied to the laboratory, testing department as well as production monitoring and quality control;