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Static torque sensor

Static torque sensor

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Torque sensor is a kind of detection of torsional torque perception of various rotating devices or non-rotating devices. It converts the physical changes of torsion into the form of electrical signals. Because of the advantages of high precision, strong reliability and long service life, the torque sensor is widely used in various fields.

Static torque sensor is an instrument that converts the strain generated by torsional torque into an electrical signal with a linear relationship according to the principle of resistance strain, and static means that the measuring elastomer of the sensor does not participate in relative motion. From the force understanding, this kind of test is the test elastomer relative to the reaction force. Static torque sensor rotation can not exceed 360 degrees, generally used to test torque slow movement of the occasion, sampling speed is generally less than 50 times per second, such as testing manual torque wrench, transmission static load torque and so on. The product manufacturing process is mature, variety complete, wide range, high precision, stable and reliable performance.



Strain measurement technology is used to measure the torque of strain gauge sensor. The strain gauge is pasted on the elastic shaft to form a measuring bridge, and when the elastic shaft is slightly deformed by the torque, the resistance value of the bridge is changed, and the change of strain bridge resistance is transformed into the change of electrical signal to realize the torque measurement. The sensor completes the following information conversion; The sensor consists of an elastic shaft, a measuring bridge, an instrument amplifier, and an interface circuit.

Strain gauge torque sensor is characterized by high resolution ability, small error, large measuring range, easy to choose and a large number of use. Using resistive strain technology, analog signal output, through the amplifier can output -5~5V,0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA and other signals to facilitate signal processing.

Torque sensor in the use of process signal instability for a number of reasons, the main common has the following three aspects: the first torque sensor is not installed, the shaft is not parallel, which will lead to the signal output instability, long-term in such a state of the working sensor is easy to damage.

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