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Bridge-Type sensors

Bridge-Type sensors

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The sensors used in electronic weighing devices are basically strain-type weighing sensors, and strain weighing sensors are divided into positive stress sensors and shear stress sensors from the design principle. The positive stress sensor works by measuring tensile, compression and bending stress, and the shear stress sensor works by measuring shear stress. The typical representative of positive stress sensor is cylindrical sensor, and the typical representative of shear stress sensor is bridge type sensor.
In order to overcome the shortcomings of measuring positive stress strain load sensor, American scholar Hogstem pioneered the precedent of using shear stress to design and manufacture sensors without the positive stress of elastic elements, which laid a theoretical foundation for the development of shear stress sensors. Because the elastic element of the shear stress sensor is mostly a shear straight beam structure, the shear force is a constant along the length direction of the beam, so the output sensitivity is not sensitive to the change of the loading point, and the shear beam is almost identical under the tensile and compressive load, which makes the tensile sensitivity symmetrical; using structural symmetry and patch bridge techniques, The ability to resist lateral and eccentric loads is greatly improved, and the shape is low, the stiffness is large, the inherent linearity is good, easy to protect the seal. It is the characteristic that these positive stress sensors can not have, so that the shear stress weighing sensor has been widely used in the manufacturing industry of electronic weighing apparatus.


Bridge sensors are a kind of sensor commonly used in the production of truck scales, track scales, axle scales, floor scales, storage scales, etc. The use of steel ball, pressure head structure can automatically reset and adjust the heart. High precision, high reliability, good stability, easy installation, good interchangeability. Has a good moisture-proof seal (plastic seal and Laser Welding seal selection), adapt to the harsh working environment. Can be used in a variety of electronic truck scales, scale, hopper scales and a variety of special scales, suitable for weight, force value measurement in various fields.
Because the strain zone is a word beam, the stress unit at the neutral axis on the webs is pure shear state, and the cut-off area under external load does not change, and each resistance strain gauge produces basically the same resistance change, which is inherently linear. Because the shear force is a constant along the length direction of the strain beam, the output of the weighing sensor is independent of the beam bending moment, only proportional to the shear stress, so the output is not sensitive to the change of the loading point. Therefore, the installation accuracy of the bridge sensor requirements are much lower than the cylindrical sensor, and its anti-bias capacity is strong, so the use of bridge sensor weighing body can achieve a slope installation.

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